Issue 04: Journalists of color at The Star Tribune demand changes, the capital W at the Washington Post, and a bit about media unions. 
An Q&A with Alex Kapitan, a “radical copyeditor.”
Janelle S.
Smith’s career is an interesting case study in some of the intermingling tensions across media: between those who control power at its largest institut…
Jack Crosbie
Issue 03: G/O Media fires a staffer because of the clothing they wore, a response to Harper's Letter, and layoffs at Vox. 
The Objective
As full-time newsroom positions dwindle, connections gained during summer programs can be the key to securing a job, if and when one becomes available. 
Holly Piepenburg
Journalists are very bad at covering trans issues. The Trans Journalists Association wants to help with that, and support trans media workers.
Marlee Baldridge
Four million Filipino nationals and citizens living in the U.S. could be at risk if they return to the Philippines. Where is the coverage?
Janelle S.
On Tuesday, 153 of the most prominent journalists, authors, and writers, including J. K. Rowling, Malcolm Gladwell, and David Brooks, published an open…
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