Issue 10: Jeffrey Toobin is forgiven by male reporters, the SacBee wants those sweet, sweet clicks, and the Dallas News Guild wins its vote to unionize.
The Objective
The Objective talks to Michael Grant, a visual journalist, designer, and co-founder of Get Current Studio.
Janelle Salanga
Understanding that is the key to rebuilding the industry after this reckoning on race and objectivity.
Ashton Lattimore
Journalism should be used as a tool to mitigate the natural imbalances of power that arise in any society.
Jack Crosbie
Issue 09: Media 2070, an overdue apology, and a few union wins.
The Objective
Twitter often fails to acknowledge that “aspiring journalists” are not a monolith and won’t all benefit from the same advice.
Johanna Alonso
When we mythologize reporters, we lose the ability to question their work (And that makes us worse journalists)
Hannah Chinn
Forty-two Washington Square News’ staff resigned on Monday because of an advisor who staffers say perpetuated racism, transphobia, and a toxic work env…
Siri Chilukuri
Issue 08: Public radio and updates from the bargaining table.
The Objective
"There's just so much context that is missing, because of the way that law enforcement is treated as an authority and not as an entity with its own int…
Gabe Schneider
When a journalism executive suggested I could have gotten an internship if I wasn’t attending a community college, he perpetuated systemic barriers.
Omar Rashad
Opportunities to publish in major outlets are marketed to students as hands-on learning experiences, but in reality, are exploitative and harmful
Deanna Schwartz